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Clearly Colors Contact Lenses

When you want to update or change your look, color contact lenses are the best choice to go for. But with so many different brands available in the market, which one offers the best price? Features and benefits? Comfort and at the same time style?

One of the top picks for color contact lenses are Clearly Colors contact lenses which are otherwise known as "Comfort Curve" contact lenses manufactured by Marietta Vision. Let us find out more about this type of contact lens.

What makes Clearly Colors contact lenses special?

Clearly Colors (Comfort Curve) contact lenses are contact lenses that uses a unique gel-edge technology that makes sure one gets utmost comfort as well as better and improved eyesight. These contact lenses are recommended for people who want to have the brightest and most dramatic eye colors but still appear to be realistic eye colors. It changes the color of your eyes and will create a totally new persona for you. Clearly Colors contact lenses are best for people who are suffering from nearsightedness condition.

One is assured that with Clearly Colors contact lenses, you will by no means experience dry eyes as they are made of 62% Polymacon and has a 38% water content with a 14.0 diameter and median base curve of 8.6 and is good for 3-6 months wear time.

Benefits from wearing Clearly Colors contact lenses

  • These color contact lenses complements your natural beauty.
  • Changes or enhances your eye color at the same time it is accurately doing its job to correct and boost your vision.
  • Close to your natural vision.
  • No side effects experienced when fitted and worn properly.
  • Ideal for environments where spectacles are not an option.
  • Provides outstanding peripheral vision.
  • Computer users can also profit from these contact lenses since it helps prevent irritated and dry eyes.
  • Best for physical sports, when driving and for people who perform.

Available colors of Clearly Colors contact lenses

There are 7 vibrant contact lens colors to choose from:

  • Amber Ambition - this contact lens color was popularized by the movie Twilight. Considered to be the most vibrant and daring color of contact lenses that looks exceptional with people who have medium to dark-colored eyes, a strong balance between a party look and everyday chic.
  • Violet Venom - this color contact lens can completely change the color of your eyes, opaque tinted violet contact lenses are perfect for this.
  • Blue n' Brazen - great for people who has natural blue eye color which helps to boost and enhance you eyes natural color
  • Aqua-tic Allure - perfect for those who have dark eyes, wearing this type of Clearly Colors contact lenses helps you achieve that subtle, baby blue eye color
  • Green Envy - best used for people who want a dramatic eye color change. If you want to look appealing and mischievous then green is the color for you since people connects green color contact lenses as to having a playful and sexy personality
  • Grey Storm - grey colored contact lenses are the ideal approach to add interesting color to your eyes while still maintaining a natural appearance
  • Brown Bombshell - for light-colored eyes, this contact lenses will completely change the color of your eyes while for those who have dark-colored eyes, this shade will either deepen or lighten your natural eye color. Brown contact lenses are also advisable to be worn during job interviews because brown eyes are most often associated to having a savvy perception, smart, confident and trustworthy personality.

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