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Colored Toric Contact Lenses

We all desire to be more attractive and look our absolute best, but for decades persons suffering from astigmatism have been forced to wear eyeglasses that detracted from their natural beauty. Now, through the help of medical technology, those with astigmatism are able to enjoy the cosmetic and medical benefits of colored contacts lenses. Finally, they can discard their less-than-flattering eyeglasses and enjoy vibrant color and vision correction through colored toric contact lenses.

What are colored toric contact lenses?

Colored toric contact lenses are made especially for people with astigmatism. They are made of a soft plastic material that fits over the eye much like a regular contact lens. However, unlike regular lenses, toric colored contact lenses are prescribed with two powers in them that are created with curvatures at opposing angles to aid in proper vision correction.

Because of the two powered lens, it is important that toric lenses do not rotate when one blinks or moves his or her eyes. The lenses are designed with a special mechanism to keep them in place for maximum vision correction.

What varieties do toric colored contact lenses come it?

Depending on the manufacture, colored toric contact lenses can be bought in the same colors and designs as regular colored contact lenses.

Unfortunately, some companies carry a limited assortment of toric lenses so you'll need to do some comparison shopping to find the proper color and design that's right for you.

Are colored toric contact lenses more expensive than regular colored contacts?

Colored toric contact lenses are more costly than regular prescription colored contacts. This is due to their unique design and the freedom they give users from regular eye glasses.

Proper fitting of a toric lens is more detailed than a fitting for regular prescription lenses and requires more time and attention from your eye care provider so you can expect to pay more at your next optometrist visit as well.

Are there any health risks associated with colored toric contact lenses?

As with any foreign material inserted into the eye, there is always some risk but with proper hygiene and care of your contact lenses the risk of eye damage is minimal.

You should wash your hands before handling contact lenses and never share your lenses with anyone. Poor hygiene or sharing contact lenses invites harmful bacteria to grow on the lens which can lead to lens damage, eye infections, corneal ulcers, and in extreme cases, loss of vision.

You should never wear contact lenses longer than the length of time prescribed by your doctor. Extended wear of disposable toric color contact lenses as been known to cause scarring to the tissue of the eye and permanent loss of vision. You should see your eye care provider to learn the proper techniques in the cleaning, removal and replacement of any prescription or non prescription contact lenses.

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