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ColorVUE Contact Lenses

Every one wants to have bright, dazzling eyes right? So what do you think would be the easiest way to achieve them? Of course, the answer to that is very obvious - color contact lenses. Color contact lenses are like gifts sent from heaven to answer almost every person's dilemma from correcting eyesight's to changing the way we look.

What are ColorVUE contact lenses?

ColorVUE contact lenses are one of the contact lenses that are being manufactured by MaxVUE Vision. These are an exciting new collection for the year 2010 of colored contact lenses that is offered to anyone who wishes to change their eye's color, making them the top designer of fashion colored contact lenses. Furthermore, ColorVUE contact lenses are also a hit to people for the reason that it has a wide variety of contact lenses. They offer colored contact lenses whether you have light-colored or dark-colored eyes that are perfect to sport for everyday wear or on special occasions. You can choose from their natural-looking lenses to their more dramatic contact lenses.

ColorVUE contact lenses are disposables that are created from hydrogel materials which help reduce harm to your cornea. Moreover, ColorVUE contact lenses are also made from Lathe Cut and 3 layer sandwiching system. These systems help prevent for colors to come in contact with the eyes, that guarantees you a hassle-free time when wearing them. Plus, there are no side effects that may be experienced as compared to other disposable contact lenses. They are considered to be a smart innovation towards disposable types of contact lenses.

Comfort, is one of their primary concerns. Because ColorVUE contact lenses are made from hydrogel materials that present exceptional gas permeability, comfort will certainly be experienced and you are assured that your contact lenses will stay moist and hydrated all throughout the day. This is one brand of contact lens that presents countless choices for each person, from the young ones to the old ones. They have 8 different categories that you can select from.

  1. 3 Tones series

    ColorVUE's 3 tones series are three-toned colored contact lenses that give out the illusion of having 3 distinct colors that are unified in a single lens. They have 3 categories of 3 toned contact lenses:

    • 3 Tones Sparkling - comes in 5 special notable colors that are designed from skin-like objects
    • 3 Tones Glamour - their glamour series are one-of-a-kind because these contact lenses has a black circle for larger, brighter and stunning eyes
    • 3 Tones Perfect Blends - the most natural three-toned color contact lenses that are designed using Perfect Blend Color Technology
  2. Stardust series
    • ColorVUE contact lenses in Stardust series are four-toned contact lenses. Each layer is made up of dark and light color tones so that it can logically exhibit all the details of shades and contours.
  3. Fusion Colors series
    • Fusion series blends the most striking colors to produce hues that are ideal for people with natural light or dark eye colors. Available in colors: Gray Violet, Green Yellow, Blue Yellow and Gray Blue.
  4. Big Eyes series
    • For people who want to have bigger, clearer eyes; ColorVUE contact lenses in Big Eyes series are the best choice. Colors presented are: Party Green, Sweet Honey, Pretty Hazel, Sexy Brown, Ultra Violet, Evening Gray, Cool Blue, Natural Ring and Dolly Black.
  5. Stars & Jewels series
    • Also known as Gold and Silver series. Contact lenses that is perfect for nigh-outs and partying at clubs and bars. You can choose from: Black Gold, Blue Star, Silver Star, Jewel Silver and Gold and Starburst Brown, Blue, Green and Gray.
  6. Crazy Wild Eyes series
    • ColorVUE contact lenses in this series are appropriate for costume parties. Examples of crazy contact lenses are Barbie Pink, Blue Flower, Blackout and Anaconda.
  7. Glow series
    • These are ColorVUE contact lenses that glow when exposed to neon lights, a great way for drawing people's attention towards you.
  8. Glamour for Luxury Look series
    • Best for people who desires to have sparkling eyes to match with their luxury outfits. Plus, women love this series because it goes well with any apparel and make-up.

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