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Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Though we sometimes fail to admit it, we all strive for beauty and hold a desire to look our personal best. Whether this means cosmetic tooth whitening, frequent visits to tanning salons or a simple change in hairstyle, the fact is, we love the feeling we get when we look our best.

People have been able to change their hairstyle, hair color, the tone of their skin for years and now thanks to advancements in technology, we can change our eye color in seconds by using cosmetic colored contact lenses.

What are cosmetic colored contact lenses?

Cosmetic colored contact lenses are ideal for anyone desiring to alter the color of their eyes. They are made of a soft plastic material that is colored around the perimeter and clear in center. The colored area of the lens fits over the iris of the eye while the clear area covers the pupil so as to not distort vision.

Do I need a prescription for cosmetic colored contact lenses?

Non prescription cosmetic color contact lenses or "plano" lenses do not correct vision and are used solely for cosmetic use. But don't let the name fool you. In order to be able to buy cosmetic lenses you'll still need a prescription from your eye care provider. Your doctor needs to determine whether you would make a good candidate for cosmetic lenses and if so, he/she will be able make sure you get the proper fit. Proper fitting lenses are essential to the health of your eyes.

Any company willing to sell contact lenses to you without a prescription is in violation of federal law. In the United States you must have a prescription before you can obtain non prescription or prescription contact lenses.

Will my eyes be the same color as the model's eyes in the picture?

Depending on your natural eye color, you may see similar results as the models in ads for cosmetic colored contact lenses. It should be noted, however, that natural eye color does play a role in your resulting color as the colored area of the contact lens is transparent and allows your underlying eye color to show through if your eyes are naturally dark. The result will be a combination of the colored lenses and your natural color. This, however, shouldn't discourage dark eyed individuals from trying cosmetic lenses as the results can be quite alluring and beautiful.

Are there any health risks associated with cosmetic colored contact lenses?

Cosmetic colored contact lenses are safe to use when proper care is taken in the cleaning and handling of the lens. You should never share contact lenses with anyone and always wash your hands prior to handling the lens. This will prevent the transfer of micro-organisms that can cause eye infections or permanently damage the eye.

Disposable lenses should never be worn longer than recommended as harmful bacteria can grow on the lens, itself. Wearing lenses longer than recommended has been associated with corneal ulcers, permanent scarring of eye tissue and, in extreme cases, blindness.

While these conditions are extreme, you can avoid the health risks by seeing your eye care provider often and using good hygiene techniques.

Where can I buy cosmetic colored contact lenses?

Your eye care provider can help you choose a cosmetic color contact lenses dealer. And the internet is a great way to learn about the different brands, styles and colors. Compare companies as well as prices and remember that cheaper isn't always better. When you skimp of the quality of the lens, you also skimp on the health of your eyes.

With the help of your doctor, you're sure to find the cosmetic color contact lenses that are right for you.

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