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crazy contact lenses Do you want to stand out in the crowd of the partygoers especially on this coming Halloween holiday? Now you can with crazy contact lenses. With unusual and crazy design, you can look COOL and have a lot of fun with crazy lenses. You can make use of crazy contact lenses (or halloween lenses) to enhance your costume choice especially in special event such as Halloween.

The most popular crazy contact lenses in the market is from Cooper Vision. Their 'Crazy Lenses' product line comes in 'one size fit all' (Diameter = 14.2 and Base curve=8.6) with or without prescription. Crazy contact lenses are daily-wear soft contact lenses that require eye care like any other contact lenses including nightly removal, cleaning and disinfections. In general, crazy contact lenses can be used up to a year if properly cared. crazy contact lenses

Crazy lenses come in dozens of designs, beside the best seller Cat eye, Red spiral, Black spiral, you also can find the latest new designs Darth, Angelic, Sith, White Out, Vader and many more. Picture on the right shows Vader crazy lenses. With the latest design of crazy lenses depicting 32 NFL logos, now you can get a pair of the NFL Crazy Lenses to show that you are the ultimate fan for your favorite NFL team.

You can find premium online stores offering wide selection of crazy contact lenses at:

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 Price last updated on Mar 15, 2019

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