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Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes - What Works Best?

If you have dark eyes and are considering colored contact lenses, you probably wonder what works best. Step one on this journey is to make an appointment with your eye doctor. Even if the contact lenses are for cosmetic purposes only they require a prescription. While visiting with your eye doctor discuss the types of colored contact lenses available and seek his or her advice on what would work best for you. Do you need corrective lenses for astigmatism, or another condition that requires special attention? If so, your eye doctor can help with the choice of lens. Then, if you have dark eyes, discuss the colors that would be most compatible with your particular features and makeup. In the past those with dark eyes had very limited choices, but that has changed. New lenses allow people with dark eyes to wear almost any color they choose. People can switch from blue to brown, or from brown to green. The choices are many and varied.

The Choice of Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

If your natural eye color is dark colors, only opaque colored contact lenses can change the natural color of your eyes regardless of how dark is your eyes color. People with dark eyes usually choose opaque lenses because these lenses are designed to allow some of the natural eye color to filer through. These provide an enhancement to your natural color rather than covering up that color with another. You should not choose the 'enhancer' colored contact lenses as it is used to enhance your natural eye color. It will be hard to make the color change visible in your case.

You may find more than one color that is "you" and if that is the case consider a couple of alternatives. Some companies have "buy one get one free" offers, which allow you to buy one color and receive a second color for those times when the mood strikes differently. Other companies specialize in selling disposable colored contact lenses for dark eyes, so after wearing a color for a while and becoming tired of it, you can throw that color away and try another.

Below are the colored contact lenses that work best for darker eyes:

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