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Halloween Contact Lenses - It is Party Time!

It's October the 31st again and you're getting ready to take out that old tired costume that you use each year; you know the one with the vampire teeth and cape. Maybe you've been invited to go to a Halloween party or have volunteered to take your kids out trick or treating, why not make your costume a little more memorable this year?

Instead of starting with an idea from your favorite horror movie and then searching local costume shops for a suitable get up. You could check out the latest Halloween contact lenses and work from there. New developments in colored contact lens technology have given rise to very creative effects, that can transform your entire look with very little effort. Do you want to look like a vampire, with hypnotic intense reddish eyes, or perhaps you want to go for something more up to date and look like the star of "Twighlight" with his deep multilayered green eyes. The options are endless and I guarantee that any idea you can think of, there will be a suitable colored contact lens to suit the character you want to be.

Colored contacts for Halloween have become much cheaper and more comfortable to wear, many of the technologies used in making prescription lenses are now used to manufacture novelty ones. There are thousands of different colors and patterns to choose from, though these lenses are only available in "plano" form, meaning they won't correct your sight issues, so people with long or short sight may have to wear a pair of glasses over the contacts.

If you are looking for a pair of these crazy designed lenses then try searching online, you are more likely to find a good deal. Here are some of the designs that seem to be popular during the Halloween holidays:

  • Dragon eyes

  • Jaguar eyes

  • Jagged teeth eyes

  • Virus eyes

  • Completely black eyes

  • Spiral hypnotic eyes

  • Star Burst eyes

  • Yellow Zombie eyes

  • Money Sign eyes

  • Green eyes

  • Blood Shot living dead eyes

  • White eyes

  • Zebra eyes

The list goes on and on, as you will probably only be using your pair of novelty Halloween contact lenses once, then it will pay to search for a good supplier that offers top quality lenses. You can get a pair of lenses for under $10, though they may not be made from a good quality material, which can ultimately damage your eyes. Novelty lenses are slightly thicker than other contacts; this is because the design is printed on quite thickly so that your natural eye color is not visible. This affects the amount of oxygen that gets to your eye ball; doctors recommend that you wear them for a maximum of 4 hours at a time to avoid any damage. It is advisable to get your eyes tested by an optometrist before wearing these lenses; this is just a precautionary measure, which is actually a legal requirement by the FDA.

To ensure that you have the best time and don't end up with any eye conditions as a result of wearing your Halloween colored contact lenses, here are a few factors to bear in mind.

  1. Never Share your lenses - This is a pretty obvious point, you might think that you're doing a friend a favor by lending them your colored contacts, but it may lead to problems for both of you. Your friend or you may be contaminating the lenses with bacteria, which could lead to a nasty eye infection; as you will both be handling the lenses this is not a good idea.

  2. Don't wear your lenses for more than 4 hours - Doctors actually recommend 6-8 hours, but these are not normal contact lenses and are substantially thicker. Leaving your contacts in for too long will leave your eyes feeling sore and dry, if this is constantly done you may develop permanent vision problems.

  3. Clean constantly and store them in solution - If you plan to only use your Halloween lenses once than this is not such a big deal. For those that want to reuse these lenses at a later date, make sure you stock up on all purpose cleaning solution, which comes in a single bottle with a storage case. This is to eliminate any bacteria that may be living on the surface of your lenses and also to stop the build up of pollutants.

  4. Never wear them past the expiration limit - If you have a pair of monthly disposables, than only wear them for this period of time. It is possible to go over this limit by a maximum of 3 days, but even that is pushing it and you do so at your own risk.

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