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Achieve Natural Looking Eye Colors with Illusions Contact Lenses

There are a lot of different brands of contact lenses in the market. Some for correcting vision problems, while some contact lenses change your eyes natural color. However, there are also contact lenses that transform your eyes color in a very subtle way and these types of contact lenses are most likely in demand with the contact lens wearer's population.

Illusions Contact Lenses

Ciba Vision, one of the leading and trusted brands of contact lens manufacturers is the maker of Illusions contact lenses. Illusions are one of the many types of contact lenses they offer, from colored to Plano to corrective contact lenses. In addition, Illusions contact lenses rich in water content making them stay hydrated for longer periods of time, altering the direction of light rays to focus on your eyes retina instead.

Illusions contact lenses are made with tefilcon hydrophilic materials - meaning, they are soft conventional colored contact lenses. By using there easy-to-handle devise of CIBASOFT Standard (STD), Illusions contact lenses are created by integrating opaque coloring in an iris outline amid the 2 layers of tefilcon polymer. These opaque pigments consist of: mica, titanium dioxide and carmine. These contact lenses are sold as spherical contact lenses.

Illusions contact lenses have a natural-looking iris pattern that is implanted in the lens to generate a sense of depth. These contact lenses are also tinted with a patented course so that they will be easily located whenever these contact lenses are immersed to contact lens solutions. Optical properties: 62.5% tefilcon polymer material content and with a water content of 37.5%. Also available are Illusion in High Power contact lenses. These are for people who need a higher power to correct their vision.

Best Natural-looking Color Contact Lenses

Why are Illusions contact lenses believed to be one of the best colored contact lenses? Whether or not your need vision improvement, Illusions contact lenses make eyes more beautiful, sufficient enough to make a lingering impression - and natural enough to make it last. They are available in 7 beautiful colors:

  • Soft Amber
  • Gray
  • Deep Blue
  • Soft Blue
  • Violet
  • Soft Green
  • Deep Green

Illusions contact lenses can also alter your natural eye color, regardless if you have very dark-colored eyes. These colored contact lenses are brilliantly fashioned to avoid the plain and unnatural look that most regular elastic opaque contact lenses have.

Also for Correcting Eye Impairments

Illusions contact lenses are not only colored contact lenses but they are also a great option for people who are experiencing myopia and hyperopia (ametropia). These contact lenses can be used as a day-to-day modification of the said eye conditions. People who have dry eyes can also benefit from these lenses. Furthermore, Illusions contact lenses are also available for extended wear time (30-day wear). However, eye care practitioners do not advise that 30-day Illusions contact lenses be used incessantly. Recommended Hours of Wear Time (for daily wear Illusions contact lenses)


Positive Feedbacks: Illusions contact lens wearers

A recent survey was conducted for Illusions contact lens wearers. There was an overwhelming amount of satisfied and happy Illusions contact lens customers. The following are some of their main reasons why they choose Illusions contact lenses:

  • Because of its natural iris pattern.
  • Eye color change is 100% achieved.
  • The colors Illusions contact lenses have are very natural-looking.
  • Their contact lenses adapt and adjust easily, no discomforts occurred.
  • People wearing these contact lenses are always notice by other people as well; a lot of compliments were given, thus resulting to a much better self-confidence.
  • Not only are they very inexpensive, they also exceed the quality and benefits that Illusions contact lenses promised. Every dollar they spent was worth it.
  • Provides crisp and clear vision as well as excellent peripheral vision.
  • Stays moist and fresh throughout the day.

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