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Colored Contact Lenses for Lighter Eyes

If your natural eye color is light colors, you can choose the enhancer colored contact lenses that are translucent to enhance your natural light colored eyes. Below are the colored contact lenses for lighter eyes.

Freshlook Colors Durasoft 2 Colors

:: Freshlook Colorblends

:: Freshlook Colors

:: Freshlook Dimensions Colors

:: Freshlook Radiance Colors


:: Durasoft 2 Colorblends

:: Durasoft 2 Light Eyes




Durasoft 3 Colors Focus Softcolors

:: Durasoft 3 Colorblends

:: Durasoft 3 Complements


:: Focus Softcolors 1-2 weeks

:: Focus Softcolors Monthly


Cibasoft Softcolors Acuvue 2 Colors

:: Cibasoft Softcolors


:: Acuvue 2 colors




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