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Create Beautiful Eyes with Natural Touch Contact Lenses

Natural touch color contact lenses are color contact lenses which are manufactured by CooperVision - the makers of quality and reliable contact lenses. These were designed by CooperVision targeting people who have dark-colored eyes. These are tinted lenses which improve and enhance the eyes natural color. This is achieved by means of infusing shades from the color palette of the naked eye. Thus, resulting for contact lenses to look very natural-looking, not like other colored contact lenses that scare away other people because of their very arresting colors. The combination of these shades conveys a natural darkness to the original eye color hence adding a cosmetic feel to the wearer's eye and the lens is very much similar to the iris.

Why are Natural Touch contact lenses convenient to use?

Natural Touch contact lenses are conventional vial lenses for daily wear and 1 pair can be used for a year. It is made with 62% Polymacon and available in base curves 8.0 and 8.7. They are also available in 14.0 diameter (13.8 diameter before but it was suspended). These lenses are also rightly appropriate for people who have dry eyes since it has a high water content of 38%.

Why Natural Touch contact lenses are the most preferred color contact lens?

Using color contact lenses is a great approach to doll up in style. Natural Touch contact lenses reflect the eyes original color by giving either a brighter or darker tone to it as well as present incredible comfort and outstanding visual quality. Often called "Elegance Opaques", Natural Touch contact lenses are made of soft silicone hydro-gels which are medically safe and chemically created to tolerate shades and colors.

These are perfect for people who want to bring out the natural beauty of their eyes but do not want to draw too much attention to them. Natural Touch contact lenses are the preferred choice by people who wants to have a makeover and on occasions where one has to dress-up.

Natural Touch contact lenses are available in 6 different shades.

  • Baby Blue
  • Aqua Seas
  • Sophisticated Blue
  • Willow Green
  • Hazel
  • Sultry Grey

Reviews for Natural Touch contact lenses have also shown that people who are using these experience utmost quality because aside from having the best natural looking designs and colors, it also gives superb comfort and it lasts from day to night.

How does it work?

An example of this is, if the wearer has a natural blue eye color and wears green contact lens, the mixed impact will result to a delicate aqua tint in the eyes. While the use of aqua color contact lenses for people who have brown and hazel colored eyes will produce a nice hue of blue in the eyes.

Since Natural Touch contact lenses permit lights to pass through a tint of color and are translucent in appearance, this clearness will in turn allow the light to mirror through the tinted contacts which results to producing an incredible impact. Natural Touch contact lenses will generate a subtle yet a very pleasing touch to the overall personality of the user.

What are the recommended shades?

Always keep in mind that when choosing which color is right for you, one must consider his/her skin and hair color. Aqua colored contact lenses are the best color to go for if you have green or blue eye color to produce a very subtle change in your eye color. It can also make one's eyes appear deep and bottomless like the ocean. Natural Touch green contact lenses also add a nice touch of aqua for a person who has a blue eye color.

Visual Correction

When Natural Touch contact lenses are also used for vision correction, it can also provide its dual function of aesthetics and practicality. Improved vision and superior eye color are achieved by just using these color contact lenses.

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