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Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses

Do you hate the whole ritual of removing and cleaning and putting your contact lenses back in every day? Do you love the vision correction without the glasses - but hate the hassle of daily disinfecting? Extended wear contacts may give you the all the advantages of contact lens wear, without the daily hassle - and without the same risks of infection that were related to them in the past.

What is extended wear contact lenses?

Extended wear contact lenses are designed to be worn for extended periods of time without removal and disinfections, including during sleep. Like all soft contact lenses, they are made of a gas permeable plastic and water to allow them to mold comfortably and float on the surface of the cornea. Your eyes need oxygen to help clean and protect them from infection. Normal contact lenses cover the cornea and reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes. When oxygen can't reach the eyes, or is greatly reduced, a perfect growing bed for bacteria is the result, and the bacteria lead to infections. That's why conventional contact lenses need to be removed and disinfected every day. Extended wear lenses are designed and made of far more permeable materials that allow the eyes to 'breathe' easier, allowing you to keep them in the eye for longer periods without the high risk of infection.

What are Focus Day and Night contact made from?

Back in 1981, the Food and Drug Administration approved soft contact lenses for extended wear of up to 30 days. Within a short time, reports of increased eye infections and heightened risks of eye damage prompted the FDA to reduce the maximum length of wear time for extended wear lenses to 7 days. That's how things remained for nearly twenty years.

Then, in October of 2001, the FDA approved a new generation of extended wear contact lenses. Focus Night and Day contact lenses from Ciba Vision are made of a new, highly permeable material called lotrafilcon A. The flouro-silicon hydrogel material allows up to six times more oxygen to reach your cornea than traditional extended wear lenses, making them acceptable for extended wear of up to 30 days and nights. In order to prove their claim of lower rates of infection, the manufacturers of Focus Night & Day contact lenses extended wear contact lenses followed 697 patients for one year of extended wear use. There were no reports of corneal ulcers, one of the most serious complications of extended wear lenses, and less than 5% of the patients who finished the study reported even minor irritations or conjunctivitis.

The benefits of Focus Night and Day Contact

The benefits of Focus Night and Day extended wear contact lenses are obvious. If you play sports, you'll have the advantage of improved vision without worrying about glasses slipping off, falling or getting broken. According to a study by a major school of Optometry, Night and Day lenses can be appropriate for pre-teens as young as 11 years old. Any mother who has had to frequently replace lost or broken eyeglasses knows what a benefit that can be! In addition, extended wear lenses are being touted as an inexpensive alternative to lasik refractive eye surgery. They give the same degree of vision improvement around the clock without the risks and expense of surgery.

The largest disadvantage of extended wear contact lenses is, as stated above, the heightened risk of infection. Following your doctor's orders for replacement and cleaning will help reduce that risk to acceptable levels. You should expect to see your eye doctor regularly during the first thirty days of wear so that he can check any changes to fit and catch any infections before they become serious. Once your eyes have grown used to the extended wear Night and Day contact lenses, you can cut back on the visits to the eye doctor, but should still keep a careful watch for any signs of infection or ulceration.

Who should wear Focus Night and Day lenses?

According to Ciba Vision and ophthalmologists worldwide, 9 out of 10 consumers who wear contacts can probably wear the new Focus Night and Day lenses, but it's a decision that has to be made by an eye care professional. Certain conditions can rule out the use of extended wear contact lenses. If you have an eye infection or inflammation, an eye disease, eye injury or 'dry eyes', you may not be able to wear extended wear lenses. Some allergies and medications, as well as some chronic conditions may also prevent you from wearing lenses for extended periods.

Your eye doctor can examine your eyes and make the best recommendations for you. Extended wear such as Ciba Focus Night and Day contact lenses may not be for everyone, but it is the perfect solution for a growing number of people. If you're looking for an alternative to lasik eyeFocus Night and Day surgery, or just want to be free of the hassle of changing your contact lenses daily, talk to your eye care provider to see if it's a good option for you.

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