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Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses

When contact lenses were invented before, there use was only for correcting a person's vision. But as new technologies arise, contact lenses have also progressed. Now, people can wear contact lenses for reducing as well as correcting their astigmatism, nearsightedness and presbyopia to name a few. The newest and probably the most innovative contact lenses made are what we call sports contact lenses.

Sports contact lenses are a type of contact lens that is used mainly for sports. These are for athletic people who want to hone their skills and achieve maximum level of performance. No eyeglasses that can block their field of view and no eyeglass frames that keep on falling off to your nose and are sometimes heavy to the face.

About Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses

Nike, the leading, most popular and legendary empire who manufactures clothing, sports shoes and sports equipments teamed up with Bausch & Lomb to create Nike MaxSight contact lenses. Individuals who are athletic that have less than perfect 20/20 vision can greatly benefit from these contact lenses. It allows individuals to see sports action with better clarity, thus giving additional visual enhancement for both professional and recreational athletes.

Nike MaxSight contact lenses are completely tinted soft contact lenses that are simply one-of-a-kind. It makes you feel like you are wearing your sunglasses but without its frames

How do Nike MaxSight contact lenses work?

Light Architecture that is patented is used to produce completely tinted Nike MaxSight contact lenses. This is a unique way of manufacturing contact lenses for the reason that because of Light Architecture, it permits certain wavelengths of light that passes all the way through the eyes; therefore adding depth and contrast.

Because of color theory and color vision, it allows color to pass through or what we may know as "color filtering" making details stand out from the backdrop and making it materialize more visibly. In addition to that, Nike MaxSight's full tinted contact lenses can also prevent and filter your eyes from the sun's destructive rays of blue light ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B (UVA and UVB) before it can get in contact with the pupils.

Nike MaxSight contact lenses when worn appear to have an effect similar to dark-colored contact lenses. Although it may take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust and adapt to them, but other than that wearing theses contact lenses guarantees you an enjoyable and hassle-free time.

2 Types of Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses

Since there are so many sports activities that you can possibly get into, Nike together with Bausch & Lomb Company created 2 different tints of Nike MaxSight contact lenses, with each tint providing ample protection and enhancement catering to different sports. The 2 types of tints are:

  1. Amber tint - amber tinted Nike MaxSight contact lenses are great for sports that require fast response and action. Fast moving sports like soccer, football, tennis and baseball. Amber tints were solely created for determining quick moving balls. Amber tinted Nike MaxSight contact lenses work by reducing variable light that sorts out certain wavelengths in the blue green section of our surroundings, making the ball "pop" off the setting.
  2. Grey-green tint - grey-green tints are perfect for sports that are played under bright lights (outdoors) and vast surroundings like training, track and field and golf which needs supreme comfort and limited glare. This works by enhancing the red and green parts of your environment to increase the detail and outline identification of your atmosphere.

Benefits from Wearing Nike MaxSight Contact Lenses

There are a lot of benefits that Nike MaxSight contact lenses give. Some of them are:

  • Because of Light Architecture technology used in making these contact lenses, you glare less often.
  • Helps you follow objects that move fast (basketball being passed from player to player) providing you with excellent sports performance.
  • It also helps you enhance your level of sports performance, helping you give out the best that you can give.
  • Nike MaxSight contact lenses covers not just some portions of the eyes like some regular contact lenses do but it envelops the entire surface of your eyes.
  • These contact lenses are designed to provide you with a distortion-free optics which makes it possible for your eyes to focus more with greater lucidity. Adding to that, it also boosts color distinction and it also assists reduce glaring.
  • You won't have to suffer from cleaning your eyeglasses lens every time it comes in contact with objects (water, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Not only are Nike MaxSight contact lenses used mainly for sports activities, these can also be sported by people who loves to stay outdoors making them a great substitute to sunglasses.
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