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PureVision Contact Lenses

PureVision contact lenses are by far considered as one of the best contact lenses these days. Manufactured by one of the leading companies of contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb. It is very popular among people who wear contact lenses, because it gives customers an amazing comfortable feeling that makes you forget your wearing contact lenses.

What are they made of?

Bausch & Lomb's PureVision contact lenses are the first type of lenses made of AerGel, an innovative material that is mainly composed of silicone hydro gel matrix. This AerGel material also allows water molecular to pass through the contact lens. In addition, it is exceptionally healthy, flexible and can resist protein build-up. It also helps keep the surface of the user's eye moist since it allows natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes. Silicone hydrogel and Performa surface increases the wetness and deposit-resistance of PureVision contact lenses. The material used in the lens is 64% polymer and has 36% water content on it.

Furthermore, aside from the advanced material used for producing contact lenses, PureVision contact lenses are also very comfortable to wear. Even if it is extremely thin, the contact lenses edges are designed a round shape so that the wearers will be guaranteed a debris-free experience which helps keep your eyes healthy and out of irritation, infection and visual blurring.

With PureVision contact lenses, your 100% guaranteed to experience life with visual clearness and comfort that fits the demands of your lifestyle.

Key Features & Benefits of PureVision contact lenses

  • PureVision contact lenses have a unique design that makes them the only contact lens that effectively reduces spherical aberration (a natural condition which causes objects to appear hazy or blurry "blurry vision").
  • The special rounded edge outline ensures a comfortable fit in your eyes.
  • Your eyes can breathe all day long and can rest well during night time.
  • They are designed to provide 30 days of excellent vision and comfort, with this it's also easy to easy to remember to replace them once every month.
  • Gives outstanding vision with high-definition aspheric ocular design.
  • Allows oxygen to pass through resulting to white and healthy eyes.

What PureVision contact lenses do for people with eye deficiencies?

The PureVision contact lenses range is for people who experience eye problems such as:

  1. Astigmatism - PureVision Toric contact lenses are uniquely designed contact lenses that provides outstanding stable and vision clarity for people suffering astigmatism
  2. Farsightedness - PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses feature an innovative optical design allowing a person to see clearly at all distances – may it be near, far and everything in between
  3. Nearsightedness - PureVision contact lenses help people see clearly objects that are far

A Visual Treat

PureVision contact lenses have superior optics and offers excellent clarity regardless of your vision abnormality. The tinted lens is recommended for daily or extended wear time for up to 30 days. These tints are provided for easy handling but it will not however, change the color of your eye. The blue visibility tint makes it easy to locate when it is in its solution. PureVision contact lenses should also be recurrently removed for cleaning and disinfection or when the lens has to be disposed. These types of contact lenses can be worn at night too.

Optometrist's recommend PureVision contact lenses due to their superior optic design to prevent circular aberration which can lead to a decrease of optimal visual quality. Every box of PureVision contact lenses has 6 soft contacts in borate protected saline solution.

Where to buy PureVision contact lenses

There are many online shops which sell PureVision contact lenses. Some even offer great discounts, which is a much better option since its more reasonable and affordable.

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