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The Best Guide to Buying and Wearing Red Contact Lenses

In the past wearing contact lenses was just about being able to throw away your glasses and live your life free of thick metal frames. Though, in the past few years contact lenses have developed from simple devices for correcting sight problems to a trendy life transforming fashion accessory that both women and men are making full use of. In fact the quality of lens materials has improved substantially, they are cheaper to manufacture and now you can buy prescription contacts in several different colors and pattern styles to suit your tastes. Standard colored contacts come in both opaque and tinged enhancers usually in the regular favorite colors; green, amethyst, light brown, hazel, blue and a few other mixes and mid tones. Though what about wearing contacts in all the other colors that you wouldn't expect anyone to try, such as red contact lenses, black, yellow or even white?

Well, believe it or not more and more people are opting to buy an extra pair of alternative colored novelty contact lenses, with red colored lenses topping the scales as the most commonly bought colors. Though they aren't used for everyday use instead people are wearing them to theme parties or costume discos where they make a great addition to any costume, with the popular choice of character being a vampire. In fact you'll be surprised by how much a simple pair of contacts can change your entire appearance, I mean just imagine meeting some one with completely black or white pupils it would make quite a frightening and memorable first impression.

Meaning of the Color Red

Every color adds a certain sense of personality to a person and each comes with its own meaning the color red is known as a powerful color; for example walking the red carpet or the red color of communism and socialism. Besides this red also symbolizes caution or possible danger ahead, when people see red they sub consciously approach slowly; when wearing red contact lenses bear in mind that all of these emotions may be brought up in the people that you meet. The color red is deep with many contradicting feelings, internationally it is used as a sign of warning, but don't forget that red is also connected with good luck and more importantly feelings of love which might work in your favor.

Types of Red Contact Lenses

Besides plain solid red colored contacts there is also a range of other red contact designs for you to consider wearing to your next fancy dress party, here are some of them:

  • Vampire red eyes - This type of red contact looks the most natural, the design is not a solid red instead there is a black pupil in the center and some thin black line coming out from the middle imitating a real iris; to give definition there is a dark black ring around the edges. Because of the realistic feel of these contacts they may appear more subtle yet they definitely have a disturbing edge to them that will give you the desired affect.

  • Red Devil eyes - These lenses may work well with a devils costume, horns and a pitch fork. They have a black round pupil in the center and the rest of the iris is colored in a solid red color giving out an intense fierce look.

  • Red Valkyre - This pair of novelty contact lenses has been printed in a reptile like eye design, the pupils are black narrow vertical slits with a dark black outline around the iris. This particular design would go well with a demon or devil costume, or perhaps something with wings.

  • Red Sclera - This contact design is probably one of the most frightening there is no eye whites; instead the lens has been colored completely with red with a small round black pupil in the center. You could possibly use these with a zombie costume or go to a Halloween party dressed as a victim of a terrible toxic waste accident.

  • Glow in the dark red contacts - This is the latest trend in red contacts, glow in the dark red lenses look like regular vampire types, but under UV lights they start to glow a luminescent color that will definitely look amazing when combined with a vampire costume.

Purchasing and Taking Care of your New Red Contact Lenses

With Halloween coming up soon most of you might be tempted to rush out and get your self a pair of red contacts, which is a great idea, but before you rush out and spend your hard earned money on the first good looking pair that you see online check that they are good quality. We only have one pair of eyes, so don't go for the cheapest pair of colored lenses, instead find a well known supplier and do a quick background check to find out whether any customers have complained about their lenses. Novelty contact lenses can be expensive and you're probably going to use them just once or twice a year, so follow the instructions that come with the lenses carefully and know how to store them well for continued use. We recommend that you check out the cheap and wide range of red colored contacts selection at ACLens

Never wear contacts that look dried out or those that have been left in regular tap water to keep them moist; also when you're out at a party it is advisable to bring a small bottle of lens cleaner to keep the lenses wet. Novelty lenses tend to be thicker than regular contacts because of all the extra print and layers used to create the designs, if you start feeling overly dry, itchy or sore then remove them and put tem in their case covered in cleaning solution.

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